About Tamara

Tamara is a Shopify partner committed to providing quality web stores and Facebook ad support. Tamara works directly with entrepreneurs, coaching and strategizing with them on a personalized, one-on-one level.

Tamara started her first Shopify store couple of years ago. During this time, she dedicated her time to learning and growing her business. passionate about the E-commerce world, she decided to quit her job and focus on what she loves the most: Helping other people achieve their goals, just as she did.

After a while, Tamara realized that it wasn’t enough to just know how to find winning products, the right audiences or to even have Facebook ad strategy. Although those are important things you’ll need for sure, to have a success, you also need to have a website that’s optimized to make sales.

Furthermore, helping other people to start their own e-Commerce business by giving them all the solutions they need that are essential to their success is what Tamara loves doing.

Holding a web design developer certification in addition to her Shopify experience allows Tamara to provide you with all in one service. She will build you the ultimate store to make your website look and function the way it is supposed to or look and function just the way you need it to.

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