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We're proud to interduce you our optimization service, that fit any budget and any needs. Improve your store with an expert, or even by yourself. You choose what's best for you! If you have any question about this service, you can contact us through the links on the bottom of the page.

1. Shopify Store Expert Optimization - From 97.

Recommended for anyone who wants to give professional look to his store.
You have already a store. It's great! But not much? why? Are you struggling to make your first sale, or you need to improve your conversion rate? Let Tamara Web Design do the job for you, so visitors not only visit your store, they will become your future customers. Here, some example of the popular elements that we improve, of course, it depends on your store, sometimes we need even more than that.


This is just an example list of elements that we take care of :

- We will organize your main navigator - So your visitors know exactly what you are offering
- Call to Action - We'll fix your buttons (Atc/Checkout)
- We'll add trust to your store: Trust badges under the Add To Cart button, cart and checkout page, Guarantee...
- We'll organize better your footer pages and even add some new ones.
- We'll make a nice clean design.
- We'll optimize your landing product page 
- We'll optimize your cart and checkout page.   



Would like to do it by yourself? We've another solution for you.

2. Shopify Store Optimization - DIY - 97

Recommended mainly for those who have a basic template!

This Blueprint Shopify Store Optimization explains all the best process for store optimization and takes you step by step through the entire process (even if you don't have any experience with HTML/CSS codes).

In general, the optimization process works on 3 sides: Product page, Add to cart page and Checkout page.

This Package includes:

- Checklist for all the elements that every store MUST have!.

- Landing page optimization.

- Cart page optimization.

- Check out page optimization.

- Store structure details: Logo, promotions, and apps.


3. Shopify Store Review By Expert - From 97

Recommended for anyone that has low conversion rate (%0-%2) who struggles to have sales and anyone who wants to improve his conversion rate (even if it's above %2)!

Get your Shopify store reviewed by a Shopify Expert!

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur, you're bound to run across some things in your day-to-day activities where you could use some extra guidance. The ultimate goal is to make more money, but you still struggle to optimize your conversion rate. 
To keep the money from flowing out of your account and the revenues and profits increasing, an expert's opinion is sometimes needed.

Apply our recommendations

Increase your conversion rates

More sales for the same cost

More profit for you!

What Is The Process? 

We've two options for you. Choose the option that you feel more comfortable with:

 Live session review your store

1. Live Session with Tamara (One-to-One) -You can book a 60-minute coaching session with her directly through the calendar app. Simply proceed to the Booking Page, choose your date, and pay to confirm your appointment.  

How do Sessions work?

- 60 minutes 147 one-time fee Conducted over Skype.

- Share screens with you and improve your site online with you

- Get answers to your burning questions

- Bonus: BluePrint guide that will explain to you how to do all of this for free (€97 Value).

Shopify store review via e-mail

2. Review by mail - We'll send you a full review of your store via e-mail. We'll review all of your pages, cart and checkout page to make sure that everything placed as it should. We'll send you a list of urgent things that you need to take care of right away, and elements that you can consider for later. Also, we'll provide you with some tips about your landing page structure which is extremely important now more than ever. Keep in mind, that having a store that optimized for sales doesn't mean that you're going to be successful. It depends on your product and your marketing strategy. But there's no doubt, that store can make more sales and improve your conversion rate, which means more profit for you.

Delivery time: 5 business days.

Whether it's a session or mail review, we'll work on The fastest and easiest way to increase your sales is to boost your conversion rate. Seemingly small changes can have a HUGE impact on your conversion rate. We'll carefully analyze all kinds of factors that may be dragging down your conversion rate and give you a list of specific improvements you can make!

Purchase a Store Review Now!

Please select your best option (session or mail). If you choose a session, you'll redirect to the calendar to book the date and hour and also you'll provide the information about your website, Then complete the payment form. 

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    On Shopify, success comes from a combination of different elements: product, price, ad copy, targeting (FB), profit strategies, BUT also from your store: Design, landing page structure and the level of security and trust your store shows your potential customers.

    We all know that it's becoming harder every day to be profitable because of high competition. More and more people want to have a Shopify store, so there are lot players that play in the same game as the one you’re looking to get in to. Which means that Facebook has become more expensive to advertise on and advertising reach is lower.

    That's why you must be different AND have a perfect looking store to increase your conversion rates. Having good conversation rates means that you have more sales for the same amount of traffic, which means, more profit for you!

    You have to make sure that your store is optimized for sales, because if not, you'll find yourself spending money again and again, without getting any results.  That's why it would be wise to let someone with experience in e-commerce analyze your store.

    Not only you'll know what you should do immediately, you’ll be better prepared for success than other people who are new to this game, with critical knowledge that every Shopify store owner must know. 

    We can't promise you sales after you improve your site since that also depends on the other elements that I mentioned before. But we can give you all the reasons why people aren't buying from you if they’re not so you can make quick changes and increase your chance to be successful.

    So, before you spend your money on ads, let me guide you and tell you what you should improve or add to your store that might increase your conversion rates immediately, help you make more sales, and finally MORE PROFIT. That’s what this is all about, right?   So if you're ready to make a serious business move then click on the "SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CALL NOW!" button below