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Congratulations! you have a new store and this is awesome.

 - Don't you know how to start and need a guide?
 - Did you spend a lot of money, without results?
 - Are you struggling to make your first sale?
 - You have sales, but not as much as you want?
    No doubt! you need to focus on your sales and profits.

      Working with Tamara Web Design, allow you to have full support not only for your store but also about your marketing, all under the same roof. When you take our coaching program, you'll have a crystal clear understanding of what you should do every day, so you can build a business that can change your life.

      Since every business is unique, and everyone has different needs from other, we're offering to you customize packages. We do our best to fit any budget.

      How Tamara Web Design program help you to reach your goals?

      This program is all about direct mentoring and working directly with your personal success coach, whom you get 24/7 access to. Everything will be completely tailored and personalized to your needs.

      Step 1: Book your free session

      Book your free session, so we can discuss your needs and thoughts, We'll build together your package that fit perfectly your needs (Skype/Phone call).
      Schedule a FREE coaching call right now ==>  here

      Step 2: Customized Plan

      We'll create a step by step plan that is clear, and easy to implement.

      Step 3: Coaching Calls

      1-on-1 Coaching to walk you through the implementation of the strategy and guide you through any and all challenges that come along the way. 

      Step 4: Mentoring

      We'll analyze your Facebook reports and give you some tips so you can optimize better their performance.

      Step 5: Coaching Calls

      We'll make sure you're running your ads on the right way, and continue to learn other topics from your personal program.

      Step 6: 24/7 Access
      We'll stay in direct contact on Facebook through a dedicated chat where you'll get quick responses to any questions you have in between calls.

      Whether you just started, or you already have some experience with Facebook ads,If you need answers to your real concerns and problems, if you would like to have a quick progress, If you need a structure and someone who shows you the way, so you can build your empire easily, this program will be perfect for you.

      Here are the most popular questions that we get every day:

       - What is the best way to test products?
       - How can I be profitable?
       - What is the best strategy for FB ads?
       - What are the LLA's audiences, when and how you create them?
       - When you pause your ad? Or when you increase the budget for this ad?
       - When should I do retargeting ad, and how to create them?
       - How can we know that the product is good enough?
       - What is the best formula to create your ad copy?

        Need to build a store from scratch? We've special offers for a project complete from A to Z. We'll continue to guide and teach you until you reach your goals. Read more about our Shopify Facebook packages  HERE

        If you have a store already, we can add your store to the package. That way, you optimized your results by review it and tell you exactly what you should improve immediately.

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