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Upgrade Store Service

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Your store is ready, as you requested, I added the following changes:
1. Either replace or add 4 more banners capturing the following 
A. Home, security and disaster mitigation - 4 more, will be too much for the shop (speed) I Replaced 2 of them.
We already have products for this cat
B. Industrial & Construction Safety, Security and Disaster Mitigation
- we already have plenty of products that fall under here -  Replaced
C. Healthcare Safety - Done
Please find a few products
D. Water, Safety & Sanitation
- Please find a few products that go hear like water filters and purification. 4 products - Done
Please accommodate this labels in the SHOP BY CONCERN labels  by either renaming or adding these labels
- Home Security & Safety - Changed Icone and label
- Industrial & Construction Safety -  Changed Icone and label
- Health Safety -  Changed Icone and label
- Water & Sanitation -  Changed Icone and label
Thank you!
Guarantee & Payment Info

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