• Your Store Insights Session

Your Store Insights Session

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Why Tamara?

I'll personally review your site to help you to increase your sales as soon as possible.

You can book a 60-minute coaching session with me directly through my calendar app. Simply proceed to the Booking Page, choose your date, and pay to confirm your appointment.


  • 60 minutes
  • $149 one-time fee
  • Conducted over Skype
  • Mutual screen sharing
  • Get answers to your burning questions :)
  • I'll tell you exactly how you can improve your site - I will even share screens with you and improve your site online with you (if time allows).
  • Bonus: My BluePrint will explain how to do all of this for free ($149 Value)


On Shopify, success comes from a combination of different elements: product, price, ad copy, targeting (FB), profit strategies, BUT also from your store: Design, landing page structure and the level of security and trust your store shows your potential customers.

We all know that it's becoming harder every day to be profitable because of high competition. More and more people want to have a Shopify store, so there are lot players that play in the same game as the one you’re looking to get in to. Which means that Facebook has become more expensive to advertise on and advertising reach is lower. That's why you must be different AND have a perfect looking store to increase your conversion rates. Having a good conversation rates means that you have more sales for the same amount of traffic, which means, more profit for you!

You have to make sure that your store is optimized for sales, because if not, you'll find yourself spending money again and again, without getting any results. 

That's why it would be wise to let someone with experience in e-commerce analyze your store. Not only will you know what you should do immediately, you’ll be better prepared for success than other people who are new to this game, with critical knowledge that every Shopify store owner must know. 

I can't promise you sales after you improve your site since that also depends on the other elements that I mentioned before. But I CAN give you all the reasons why people aren't buying from you if they’re not so you can make quick changes and increase your chance to be successful.

So, before you spend your money on ads, let me guide you and tell you what you should improve or add to your store that might; increase your conversion rates immediately, help you make more sales, and finally MORE PROFIT. That’s what this is all about, right?


So if you're ready to make a serious business move then click the 'Buy Now' Button below now!


Guarantee & Payment Info

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